Only God Can Satisfy

H ave you ever thought, I will be so happy when I finally get my next promotion at work, or my new car, or my new house?   It may even be that you have thought, when I get my new designer handbag I will be so happy.  Honestly, the list could go on and on. 

 If we are honest, it seems that we are always reaching for something.   I think that we are always reaching because things don’t bring satisfaction and joy and that we initially think that they will.   There are some people who think, if I could only meet the right person, I would be so happy.  They soon realize that there is no true satisfaction in people, just as there is no true satisfaction in things.   The only lasting satisfaction and joy that we will ever have are in Jesus Christ.   He is the only one that can fill our empty cups with joy.

 You see happiness is based on externals, whereas joy is based on our spiritual wellbeing which works from the inside out.  Happiness is fleeting, whereas joy can last indefinitely.   As long as you are in a relationship with God you can experience a joy-filled life.  The next time you are tempted to seek fulfillment in someone, or something other than God, pray first and ask yourself what I really hungry for am.   Usually, the answer almost always turns out to be, time alone with God.

  Don’t miss the signal.   It will be like craving chocolate and eating broccoli, expecting it to satisfy your craving for chocolate.  It will never work.   No matter how much broccoli you eat, you will still be craving chocolate until that craving is satisfied with chocolate. 

 When the desires of this world are trying to pull you into its web, reach for God first, and more than likely your cravings will be satisfied.    Remember, no matter how shiny the car is, or how big the house is, or how handsome the man is, God and only God can truly satisfy.  Have a joy-filled day, as you seek fulfillment in God and God alone.



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