Happiness Is A Slice Of Pound Cake

One of the things that I enjoy most is seeing others made happy.  It is even more
enjoyable for me if I have contributed to their happiness in some way or another.   I
wanted to write about this today because; unbelievably we all have a special gift that if
shared, will bring happiness to someone else.
Some of us have several things that we really do well, that would be a blessing to
others.  Today I would like you to search your treasure chest of special gifts and
talents.  Ask yourself, what is the one thing that I do so well that it brings happiness to
The next step after discovering what it is would be to remove it from your treasure
chest and dust it off.  Start to notice the number of smiles that you can create, simply by
sharing your God-given gift or talent with others.  Most of us already know what our
gifts are.  In many cases, we may have been reluctant to share them with others in the
past, because of our own fears and insecurities, which by the way is a trick of the
I personally know that public speaking is my gift.  I love to speak and that is where I
find my greatest joy.  But I will have to tell you when I really want to make someone
happy, I give them a slice of my famous pound cake,  it is as though the world stops and
smiles take over.  I have never seen so much happiness in one room, as when I walk in
with this pound cake.  Family and friends are instantly happy just to know that it rode
in the car with me to their home and that they will soon get to enjoy more
deliciousness when they can hardly take in, in one sitting.
You may be asking how I got from talking about my gift of public speaking to talking
about the famous pound cake that I bake, from scratch I might add.  The reason I
brought it up, is that there may be a varied number of things that you are capable of
doing well, that would brighten up the world of those around you.
You may grow beautiful flowers, and they certainly would brighten up someone’s day.
Let us face it, it is hard to look at a bouquet of flowers and not smile.  They seem to
always bring joy.  You may be a musician, and just think how many would be happy, if
you stopped by a nursing home and asked if you could go in and just play the piano for
an hour or two.
Maybe your gift is storytelling. Can you imagine how many children; in your local
Children’s Hospital would love for you to stop by, and let your imagination run wild, as
you capture their hearts with a great story.   Maybe sewing is your thing.  Winter is
coming.  Think of how many families are struggling to afford winter clothes, and
you have the ability to whip up a winter outfit, or a nice warm blanket in a flash.
You see this is how we love others tangibly.  It really does not matter what your gift or
talent is, what matters is that you use it.  God created every one of us uniquely
Differently.  He blessed us with these special abilities to be a blessing to others.  This is
One of the ways that we are to let our light shine.  Today use your gift to be a difference-maker, and bring a smile to the face of someone who could use a little happiness in his
or her life.  What a beautiful and happy world, it would be, if we all used our gifts and
talents the way God intended for them to be used.



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