Lessons From Daniel Part 2 

Have you ever been guilty of praying and asking God to help you through a situation, and then when it was over, you forgot to say thank you?   Well, sadly I must admit, that I have been guilty of doing this.   I usually make it a habit to thank God for answered prayers, but there have been times in the past when life happened, and I simply forgot to hit pause and say thank you.  For years now, I have been keeping a daily gratitude journal, and that has helped me a lot in remembering to say thank you.  Let’s take a look at how Daniel handled a very difficult situation, and how he responded to an answered prayer from God.

In Daniel 2:10-23, we read that Daniel’s very life was in jeopardy.  King Nebuchadnezzar had sent out a decree in his anger, to have Daniel and his friends killed. This was because he was told by his astrologers, that no one on earth could interpret his dream.  Not only was Daniel willing to go directly to the king and ask why he had made such a decree, but he was also courageous enough to request more time to interpret the king’s dream. I love that in verse 16 it says; that Daniel went at once.  Daniel knew that time was of the essence.  He did not procrastinate.  He moved with a sense of urgency.   But even more importantly he went back to his friends and urged them to pray, that God would have mercy on them and reveal what the meaning of the dream was.

Daniel believed in the power of prayer.  He also believed there was great power when he and his friends were unified in their petition to God.  He had faith that his God would and could protect his life and that of his friends.

That very night after they went to God in prayer, God revealed the meaning of the king’s dream.   In most cases, our prayers are not answered so quickly, but I hope that you know, that whenever God chooses to answer your prayer request, it will be right on time.  In this case, Daniel needed an answer quickly, and God provided quickly.

In Daniel 2:19 -23,  Daniel thanks God, and he gives Him all the praise for revealing the answer to the king’s dream.  Daniel was very clear on who His source was, for all that was good and true in his life.  He didn’t wait to acknowledge God. He praised and gave God His just due immediately.   Daniel expressed His gratitude to God, for giving him the lifesaving answer.

Now for a quick recap on what our lessons are from this passage of scripture.

1.  Daniel asked God for help.  Always go to God first.  Pray Pray Pray!   Obviously, this was not Daniel’s first rodeo. He had communicated with God through prayer before.

2.  Daniel was not afraid to ask others to pray.  He did not try to shoulder the weight of this problem by himself.  Don’t be afraid, or embarrassed to ask others to pray for you.   Remember, there is power where two or more agree in
prayer.  Matthew 18:19.

3.  Daniel moved with a sense of urgency.  When matters are important, don’t procrastinate.  Taking care of important things in a timely manner frees your mind from stress and the What If’s.

4.  Daniel didn’t assume anything, he went directly to the king to ask the questions that he needed answers to.  Don’t be afraid to ask what you want and need to know.

5.   When Daniel received his answer from God, he thanked God and gave Him praise and glory.   He did not try to assume God’s glory or take credit for knowing the meaning of the dream.  Daniel remained humble.
Remember all that you are or will ever hope to be is from God.   Apart from Him, you can do absolutely nothing.  Follow Daniel’s example and stay humble my friends, stay humble!



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