Be Still And Know

Psalm 46:10
10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 32:8
The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.

Earlier this week I could not find the remote control to our TV.  I had looked everywhere, and needless to say, I was getting a little bit frustrated.   When my husband and daughter came in, they decided to help look for it as well.  We looked high and low with no success.

We had planned to watch a movie during our family time that evening.  In order to do so, we needed that particular remote control to get things going.  It amazes me, how you can have four or five remotes to one TV, and the one that comes up missing is always the one that you need the most.

After searching and searching, we finally just decided to watch something else that would not require the remote that we were looking for.   We were a bit disappointed that we could not watch the movie that we had planned to watch that evening.  After watching TV, we did our nightly devotion and said our goodnights.   When my husband and daughter left the room and everything was quiet, the Holy Spirit prompted me to look in the oddest place for the remote.  Very softly I heard “look in the fold of the recliner”. 

The way that our recliner is designed, there is a piece of fabric that connects the footrest to the recliner itself.  When the footrest is down this little pocket of fabric folds up into the chair.   Wouldn’t you know, that of all places, the remote had slid from the seat of the chair, and had fallen into the pocket and was actually folded up into the chair.  Had it not been for the Holy Spirit guiding me to know exactly where to look, I literally could have gone for days, possibly even weeks, not knowing that the remote was in the very chair that I was sitting in.   God definitely gets the glory for the retrieval of our remote control!

Now, this is what is amazing to me about this whole ordeal.   It wasn’t until everyone had left the room, and I said;   “Where on earth is that remote”, that a whisper came to me, telling me exactly where to look for the remote control.   As long as we were frantically searching, and trying to beat the clock so that we could see the movie by a certain time, we couldn’t find it.   We were trying to force its appearance.

When everything was quiet, and I got completely still, I was guided exactly to where I should look.   This made me wonder, how many times that I may have missed God’s guidance on other things, simply because I didn’t get still long enough to hear Him speak.   That night I thought of the scripture in Psalm 46:10 that says; Be still and know that I am God.  In order to know, we have to be still.  God reveals Himself to us and things that we need to know when we are still.

 Today I want to encourage you to get still when you need answers for your life, and you want to hear God’s voice.  He still speaks, but many times it’s in a whisper.  To hear His whisper you have to turn down the noise in your life.  Remember, your blessing is in His whisper.  May God continue to bless you as you still yourself, to hear your Savior’s guiding voice.



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  1. Patricia

    Be still and know that I AM God post was a quick reminder that God knows everything. There is nothing that gets past Him. It also reminded me that there is nothing lost in the Kingdom of God; and for that reason and that one reason alone we should be still so we can be guided by the Holy Spirit no matter what we are searching for in life.

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